How Much Carpet Padding do you really Need?

Homeowners often have the misconception that a luxurious carpet pad is required in order for their carpet to provide comfort and hold up over the years. Up-selling thicker padding is also a common tactic with some carpet and flooring retailers. As you set out to make your next carpet purchase, keep these things in mind:

Most carpets, like tires and PSI, come with a manufacturer recommendation on the padding thickness and pounds per cubic foot. This recommendation is the padding the manufacturer believes will bring the best results to your flooring project using the selected carpet.

  • For residential carpeting, padding as thin as ¼ inch is often sufficient, and is often recommended not to exceed 7/16 of an inch.
  • Carpets with a lower pile or a loop construction require padding with less give – less flexibility.
  • Using padding that is too thick or too thin for the carpet may result in the carpet becoming loose, rippled or even coming apart.
  • Padding not suitable for the carpet can also cause the carpet to wear faster than it would when applied over the correct padding option.

When selecting the best padding to accompany a new carpet project, it's important to keep these things in mind. There are many carpets on the market that offer a sense of luxury, even without a luxurious pad. You want your home to have all the comforts you desire, so discuss your needs with a carpet professional in order to determine which products are best suited for you. As you shop and consider the options, keep in mind that increased padding often means and increased spend on the project. You only want to spend that money if it is truly necessary to maximize the wear on the carpet and comfort within your home.